8 Must Have Grilling Accessories

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Which one is better a gas grill or a charcoal grill? The answer to this question has no end (The more you try to get deeper the more you’ll get confused) when it comes to buying because both the grills are best in their own way. Keeping this topic aside, let’s get some information about their essentials.

Well, to do any work perfectly you always need some basics. Grilling also needs some MUST HAVE accessories that make your cooking as easy as ABC. No matter which barbecue grill you are using, you’ll always need these accessories.

Let’s have a look at some add-ons you should keep when barbecuing.

1. Grill Toppers

A grill topper or a grill basket works like a frying pan for the grill. They are especially used to cook onions, pepper, fruits, fish and other small food.

A stainless steel or enameled cast iron topper helps you to do even cooking. There are different types of grill baskets for some specific food items, but we recommend you to get a large sized all-purpose topper.

2. Meat Thermometer

It is very important that the food is cooked properly from inside also. To make sure that your food is not being overcooked, insert a wireless thermometer or a meat thermometer into the thickest part (away from the bone) of the food.

Not every type of food is cooked at the same temperature, try to cook beef at 145 degrees and chicken at 165 degrees. Check the temperature 15 minutes before the commended cooking time to avoid overcooking.

Meat Thermometer

3. Chimney Starter

Controlling temperature in a charcoal grill is quite difficult, fire becomes hotter when you put more charcoal. This is the best method to measure how much charcoal is being used.

Keep a crushed newspaper in the bottom of compartment and light it. When a white-grey ash forms a layer on the charcoal burn, it indicates the perfect cooking temperature.

4. Utensil Set

Already having a long-handled tong and spatula is good but buying a utensil set is better. You don’t have to rush anywhere if something is missing. The more is your budget, the more items you get in a set.

A long-handled spatula is helpful in flipping the food with ease and also keep your hands away from heat. Tongs are an ideal tool used for grilling that can be used with hamburgers or steaks.

Utensil Set

5. Grill Brush

For a healthy grilling, there is always a need for a silicone grill brush, why silicone because they are easy to clean the residues.

For doing so, always pre-heat the grill rack for 10-15 minutes and start cleaning to get a smooth and food free grill. They are dishwasher safe and in case you don’t have a brush, wrap an aluminum foil on the two sides of tongs and do the same.

6. Charcoal Dispenser

A plastic, weatherproof charcoal dispenser is all you need to keep them safe and dry. It even allows you to keep the charcoal outside without any loss. Now you don’t have to run to your shed every time for charcoals. Keep it near your gill and use whenever you want.

Charcoal Dispenser

7. Wood Plank

Getting a smoky aroma to the food is one major factor, people generally choose to grill. Using a wooden plank for cooking not only gives better smoke to your food but also keep it moist. Wood planks can be found easily and are well suited for standard grills.

8. Steam Cleaner

Cleaning the grills becomes important (before and after) to cook hygienic food. Using a steam cleaner provides an ease to the clean-up job.

Simply start the valve to release water and as soon as water hits the grates it will convert into steam, then wipe-out the residues.
With some of these grilling accessories, you can make your barbecuing sessions more comfortable.

Steam Cleaner

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