Ira & Shawn – Between these two guys, you’ve not only got culinary schooling, but also over 50 years of restaurant experience. From small NYC basement cafes to large hotel restaurants, they learned varied perspecitives of the restaurant business. And with a passion for thinking outside the box, they immediatley saw the Cool Dog concept as the perfect opprotunity to do something new, exciting and special. Hot dogs had not been given their rightful place in the American cuilinary scene and it was time to change that. It took over two years to go from conception to realization and they couldn’t be prouder of the result.

Learn the story behind our hot dogs:

Chili Cheese & Thai Satay

Gadzooks Dog & ICU

Phat Dog & Corn Dogs

Frank N Beans & Corn Fritter Smash

Italian Dog & Coney Islnd

Jersey Shore Breakfast & Mexi Dog